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We are an independently-owned Health-Care Clinic, dedicated to saving the lives of dozens of Tampa Bay Area women each year through earlier detection. Our independence allows us to work closely with all the other area providers who provide post-mammography screening care to the women we serve.

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"Hi- what a great experience! The mammo bus was an excellent event. Everyone thought it was run professionally-thanks to Susan, Sarah, and Bill. Please schedule us for next year. "

Cynthia, 4th Grade Teacher

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Your crew was awesome!! I appreciate all your signup efforts, your follow up and just how smoothly this was handled. Thank you so much and see you next year!!!!!"

Kay, K-Force

"I’m extremely grateful that I could utilize the mobile mammography service today. I spend hours chained to my desk each day, and only make it into the doctor for worst case scenarios. I couldn’t find the time to get a mammogram last year and prayed that I wouldn’t live to regret it. Thank you!"


"Hi! Thank you so much for coming to our school. I have received so much positive praise for both the event and for you and Sarah. Please tell Bill thank you too! Looking forward to seeing you next year!"

Mrs. Wall, 4th Grade Teacher

Only screening mammograms (routine, annual exams for women with no current breast problems) are offered by our mobile mammography coach. If you are under 40 you would need a prescription from your physician for a screening mammogram. Ages 40+ no prescription is required. If you currently have concerns regarding your breast health (i.e. a lump you can feel, nipple discharge, pain, dimpling of the breast or nipple changes) please contact your physician immediately.